Friday, January 30, 2009

New Table

So we got our new table on Wednesday night and I LOVE it! It has a leaf and everything so now dinners at the Patricks will be a little nicer. Thanks again to the girl that hit me!

2 Months

Well Coleman is now 2 months old! I cannot believe how fast time goes. He sure is a cutie. Right now how has finally started smiling! He eats EVERY 2-3 hours all day and night, so lets just say I am I am ready for you to come back so I can sleep again! He loves to be burped, its like his favorite thing and man can this kid burp! It looks like he is going to have blue eyes even though this picture shows otherwise. When I took him to the doctor a week ago he was 10 lbs. Coleman is going to be blessed on Sunday so I will post some more pics of him then. We are so blessed to have this little man join our family.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Too cute!

Last night Shauna watched the boys while i went on a walk and she took this adorable pic. The boys have been playing so good together for the most part. I can't wait for Coleman to get in there with them.

Note Lincoln with no clothes on....he's aspiring to become an underwear model!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Happenings of a Crazy Women

So I haven't been the best at blogging. I am still getting used to having 3 kids and hoping it will get easier. Here are a few things that have been going on with us.

Coleman is growing like a weed....seriously all he wants to do is eat. And with that being said I have stopped nursing. I felt like stopping would be a selfish thing, but then I realized not stopping and continuing to starve the kid wasn't a nice thing to do either, so I am pumping whenever I feel like it and doing formula the rest of the time, and I feel good about it. Except for the fact that he still wants to wake up and eat every 3 hours and it takes a good 30 minutes for him to finish his bottle....I'm tired!

Jack discovered that my Ipod can be used in places other than the car. He thinks he is pretty cool walking around singing the Jonas Brothers word for word....hilarious by the way we have to get that on video so stay tuned for that.

I got my settlement from the accident I was in back in August of last year. So.....we bought some new couches and a kitchen table. I am so excited they look beautiful and are so comfortable. Thank you to the girl that hit me and attention to all drivers, you can rear end me any time and I will gladly go to physical therapy for a few months and suffer some pain if it means I get new furniture. We have never picked out our furniture, it has always been hand me downs so this was exciting. The table should be arriving this week so pictures of that are to come.

Notice Lincoln just in a pull up? yeah he is still taking off his clothes any chance he can get and well, i just don't fight it anymore.

And last but not least we have been having a blast with friends. We have the best friends here in Vegas. Last weekend my friend Rissa threw a Rock Band party and a bunch of us rocked out all night, it was great. A group of us girls are doing a weight watchers group, which i am excited about. I walk 3 miles almost every night with my good friend and neighbor Kiley, I have Bunco this week...I just couldn't be happier. And since we are not close to our family I am so thankful for good friends.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Brain Dump

Breast or Bottle? Now this is not an open forum for le leche to comment. I have been struggling with nursing Coleman, which is weird because I didn't have a problem with my other boys and you would think it just gets easier. For some reason, Coleman is NOT satisfied with just nursing. He cries like 20 minutes later and wants more. I know what you are thinking, I probably don't produce enough milk, but when I pump I get just as much as I feed him in a bottle. Its a mystery. So for now I am doing every other feeding with formula....makes my life much easier, mostly for this reason. But I still can't help but feel guilty, I'm not sure why.
What is the deal with men, they just don't get newborns, Justin is great, but he definitely isn't as patient with the crying, stomach aches, awake when you want to sleep moments. I did however catch an adorable moment here.

Lincoln is still trying to get better, everyday he asks if he can watch a movie on my bed and then falls asleep about 20 minutes into it. Also he has been coming into our room crying in the mornings saying, "Mommy someone turned on the light...I don't want the light (sun)". Another little trick Linc has recently learned is how to take off his pants and diaper. He does this every time he goes to the bathroom, so you would think he is ready to be trained?? Well he screams when I put underwear on him and quickly takes them off and has yet to go on the toilet......But this is far better progress than we had with Jack who was almost 4.
This is cute, Jack is playing right now with his friend Connor. They are playing with his train set which has little wooden people, some of which have clothes and a face and some are just the silhouettes. Well Jack is telling Connor a story about how he lived in Heaven a long time ago with people they loved. And now he came to earth and is a tool man (now holding up the construction man with a face and clothes).....So cute huh, I guess FHE and primary really do sink in to these little rascals. Just when I thought he couldn't be any cuter I hear him singing "I lived in Heaven" which is the primary song for the month that they have been learning.....Oh I love being a mom at moments like these.

Is any one else bored of Desperate housewives? yesterday I fell asleep watching that stupid episode...come on writers I don't care about the neighborhood handyman. We are thinking of switching to Direct TV so I can watch any of you have it and what do you think. Right now we have Dish Network and I like it fine, I just want to watch the Real Housewives on Bravo. I know I watch too much TV, don't judge!

Having a dryer that doesn't have heat sucks! It basically air dries all of the clothes and so it takes like 3 hours to dry a load. With a baby who is spitting up (yes unfortunately so, why can't I just have one child who doesn't do this!) it creates a ton of laundry and I feel like I am never going to catch up.

I should be getting my settlement from my accident in like a week....Stay tuned for pictures of my new couches and kitchen table, I am so excited. I would be hit again any day if it means new furniture for my house :)

Sorry I know this is a long boring post but Shauna is out of town and Justin tunes me out half of the time so I'm a little chatty.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Growing up so fast

Coleman is getting so big. This is the first time I put him in a little outfit and I just had to take his picture. Shauna got this one for him, he just looked like a little man.

This is how i found him the other day, Jack had picked him up when he was crying (scary) and was trying to burp him. I just thought this was priceless.

Lincoln is still not really impressed with Coleman, he seems to care less that he is here for the most part. That has been working to our advantage since I just took Lincoln to the Dr. and he has 2 ear infections AND strep throat. Poor kid!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Boys

We haven't been up to much this past week. We put a TV up in the loft with the DVD player and the Nintendo and it has made my life so much easier, I haven't had ANY toys downstairs, the loft on the other hand is a mess at all time, but at least you can't see it and I can relax downstairs and pretend my house is clean. The boys thought this little ottoman was a pretty cool chair and hiding spot. Coleman, well he is still sleeping all of the time, but he is growing like a weed and is not fitting in his preemie clothes which makes me a little sad. I will try to get some better pictures of him this week while he is awake.

Grocery Smarts

So this is my new obsession, Coupon shopping. This post is nothing new thing to my Vegas friends, we all do this. But i wanted to brag about my last shopping trip to my family and friends who haven't gotten on the coupon kick.

The sale at Albertson's this week was awesome! Here is how my savings went.

I spent $95
I saved $145
Total Value $240

Here is a picture of everything I got for under $100 dollars.......Can you tell I was excited, it is like a serious high! I still have a ton to learn, the lady that taught the coupon class that I went to spent the same amount but got $350 worth of groceries.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We're Back!

So to say that the last month has been a busy one would be an understatement. With only 3 days without company from the time Coleman was born until the 5th of January we have had A LOT of fun. It is nice to have our house back to our family and get back into some routine. Coleman has been held his entire life so he isn't really liking the reality that I can't hold him all day like his grandma's did. So here are some pictures from the month.

Christmas morning, these robots were the favorite of the boys, of course an arm broke off of Lincoln's within hours of opening it. But that doesn't faze him.

Coleman in Christmas morning, he looks thrilled doesn't he. Santa filled his stocking with a teddy bear and lots of diapers.

The boys both got scooters which they loved!

My adorable boys before church.

Santa didn't do much for Coleman and Lincoln was terrified.

Here they are waiting for Santa

If you read anyones's blog from Vegas you will know that it snowed here...... A LOT! It was fun for the boys, but with the new baby int he house and NO snow gear we stayed inside and the boys didn't really get to play in it but for a few minutes. It was fun to look at, not fun to deal with or drive in. I had enough of snow when I lived in Canada so I can do without it for the rest of my life.
Shauna bought this "Grill" candy for the boys, here is Jack throwing some signs.

The boys loving on their brother.