Thursday, July 31, 2008

Baby Names

Okay so everyone has given some good advice on names, especially you Mitzi. I am a bit obsessed with what we will name this child so its what i think about everyday. So i am going to list my names as af now for a vote on my side bar. They may change, feel free to comment on them if you want, you may love them and you may hate them but these are the ones that justin says are good.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well I told you all! I have just always known i would have all boys. I swear it was like 5 seconds after the ultrasound started that Justin saw that it was a boy. I am doing okay, a little bit disappointed but HAPPY that all is healthy and well with the baby. Jack and Lincoln are thrilled! Unfortunately I have something called Placenta Previa which means I will be going for a second level 3-D ultrasound, next Monday to see exactly what is going on, which is exciting. The doctor said to just take it easy and no sex was pretty much it, they had a good chuckle as they broke that news to Justin, but he is a trooper and didn't even say a word of complaint. Just wanted to let you all know, i can now start getting serious about names, I like last names for boy names so start giving me suggestions.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

What are we having?

So a week from tomorrow we will have our ultrasound and I am soooo excited to finally find out that its a BOY! we are pretty certain. So what do you think??? Answer on my poll!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Another of Shauna's paintings

i know i keep posting these but seriously they just keep getting better and better for me. Everyone should get one, they are so awesome, you can pick any picture and she can make it into one of these cool pieces of art. Check out her etsy shop if you are interested! I know a couple of you have already ordered and you will not regret it. I am just in love with them!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

AFP Test?????

So I have been thinking about this test a lot lately. For those of you who don't know this is a blood test that is done in your second trimester to test if your baby has a risk of downs or other birth defects and stuff. Well I have done this test with both of my boys, really just doing it because my doctor gives me the paper to get blood work done and i didn't really know anything about it. Then as i start talking to people, mostly LDS all of a sudden i am the only one who gets this test done and they all take the option not to. So I was confused....mostly the reasoning for not taking the test is, "I will keep the baby no matter what is wrong with it". So of course I do not believe in abortion, but i feel like if there is something wrong, i would want to know to educate and prepare myself before it happens.

Well today when I went for my appointment, my doctor handed me the paper work for the test and so I had a little chat with him about the debate to take it or not. Now i must say that I LOVE MY DOCTOR, but he is REALLY liberal! And as I shared my view that I would keep the baby no matter what and would never consider and abortion, he had this to say, He said to me, "I hear that a lot, and that is easy for one to say until they get the diagnosis that their baby has a birth defect that will cause them to be dead at birth and may cause the mother to also die". Well this made me think...although I do not believe in abortion I think we are all to quick to judge. Anyways that is another story and another debate. His basic point to me was that this isn't a test to see if your baby has problems, it is a test to see if further test need to be done.

So after talking to him and hearing all of the pros and cons I decided to still take the test. I feel like it was right for me, but i can't help but feel out of place, especially among mostly everyone i I totally LIBERAL like my doctor? I just want to hear every ones thoughts on this.

Shauna's latest

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Talented Sister

So my talented sister Shauna has been doing these wonderful paintings and this last weekend did one of her friend and her husband for a wedding gift. I just wanted to share with you because I think she should start selling these. They are great for couples, kids, anything really and they look really good in back and white or color would be fun too. Let me know if you want one. You can pick almost any photo and turn it into artwork. Well she can!

Friday, July 11, 2008

What a Deal!

So I was waiting until Shauna moved out to put Lincoln and Jack in the same room. As the time came I kept looking at our random beds, we had 2 twin beds, which are TOTALLY missed matched and barely fit in one room, and a toddler bed, which again is a totally different style than the others. I have just been dreaming of getting the boys bunk beds but with our budget it has just been a dream. Until yesterday I decided to look on Craig's list and found this beauty for $35, there was no picture so I was a little nervous to go look, but when we did we were pleasantly surprised! It looks adorable and as you can tell by these pictures they are in heaven! Tonight is the first night of putting them to bed in the same room and I am just cracking up, although they haven't yet escaped I can hear them in there cute they are just totally brothers and so cute. We did have an accident however today, Lincoln fell down the ladder as he was trying to take both his pillow and blanket up at the same time, he will learn.
Okay and also today I was at Target looking at their adorable bedding and again dreaming of these quilts for they boys beds. But again with the budget spending $120 on two of them was just a dream. Until I was walking out and saw one of these quilts with a red clearance tag for $29, I don't know if it was mis-marked but with the luck I was having with deals I didn't even question it. I found another one (which didn't have the clearance tag) and hoped that they would give me the deal on both of them....and they did! So how about that, I new bunk bed and two new quilts for $95, Nicole are you proud of me! My sister in laws sister (Nicole) has this new fabulous blog about saving money so I was thinking of you Nicole as I was writing about my deals.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Father and Son's Campout

Jack saw some flowers up on a hill and insisted on picking one for mommy (so sweet huh?) and so Justin and him climbed up the hill and pciked some. Justin also got cell phone reception on top of the hill so they were able to call me and tell me what they were doing which was nice. One of the first things out of Jack's mouth was, "I peed in the rocks and pooped in the trees" He thought that was something special! You'll notice in all the pictures he has a lovely moustache. I think he drank alot of gatorade!
Here he is climbing a tree.
And just hanging out in the back of the truck. They had a blast and I had a blast hanging out with Lincoln one on one. I think maybe Linc is so crazy because he wants attention when Jack is around, because he was an angel!