Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jack's School Valentines Party

He was very proud of this heart that he made, but was very clear that it was for Daddy and not for me. On Monday he came home from school with a sealed envelope that he wrote, :"To Dad" he was very clear that we needed to take it to dad at work. So Justin opened it and it was a picture he drew of a robot and then on the back he wrote, I love you! It is so fun to see him growing up. We love you Jack!

Here he is with his loot. On the way home he said, "Mrs. Whitney said I can eat this all when i get home and I don't have to eat lunch first"

we made these valentine candy necklaces for his classmates

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coleman Facts

Loves to hang out with his brothers in the morning on mom and dads bed.

Has a favorite spot on the couch where you can find him every night enjoying prime time television. Here he is watching some Biggest Loser with Shauna.

Poop- 10 wipes (is this normal for formula fed babies)
Spit Up- Some, Thank goodness he is not as bad as his brothers!
Sleep- Still wakes every 3 hours to eat.....he is killing me

Smiles a lot now. Mostly when you kiss him or touch his cheek you can get an instant one.

When his eyes are open they are WIDE open. His eyes are for sure blue.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh Lincoln!

Lincoln for some reason has a fascination with shaving. As you can see in this photo. He came down stairs last night with cuts and blood on his face, but he was not even fazed. I went up stairs to see where the razor was and it was a total mystery to me where he cut himself. Well than this morning as Justin pulled his razor out of the medicine cabinet there was blood all over it. He totally shaved and then put it right back where it belonged. This was his 2nd attempt at shaving.

On a side note yesterday as he was smiling in my face and being super cute I noticed he has chipped his front tooth! Oh Lincoln, you are so 100% boy and CRAZY!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Coleman's Blessing Day

We blessed Coleman yesterday at church. It was just our little family, and Shauna represented our extended family. It was a special day and I felt just a special spirit as Justin blessed him. He talked about how Coleman should follow his brothers and how much his brothers love sweet. Jack was so excited that Coleman got to go in the front and be blessed, he was just grinning from ear to ear and when Justin held him up after the blessing Lincoln started clapping. I am so blessed to have my boys in my life (that includes my favorite boy, Justin!)

Backwards Day at Preschool