Friday, September 11, 2009


So we no longer have tears in the morning about going to school. I think he is finally used to the schedule.......Phew!

I am loving hearing all of the things that he is learning in school, all of the little sayings that his teacher must say in class, like, "is this my kindergarten best?" and "One drop, not a lot" (when applying glue) and singing LOTS of songs. Which is perfect for Jack because for those of you that know him, you know he is like a little jukebox. So I am really happy he is learning songs to help him remember how to spell and read words. He also started telling his friends and Lincoln, "you cannot talk when someone else is talking"....I love that one.

I'm so proud of you Jack, you are growing up WAY too fast! He just brought home is first little thing for a school fundraiser and, Oh Crap...its cookie dough and all sorts of sweets!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rain Gutter Bookshelves

**excuse the mess under the bed, I was to lazy to pick that up after I took the picture....but there you go, this is my real house!

Kiley and I made these rain gutter shelves the other day, We got the tutorial here. They were super easy and I am so excited about them...The boys can now finally see all of their books.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Girls Trip

So I have desperately been in need of a get away with no kids involved, so when I heard that "Legally Blonde" the musical was in LA, last week, I knew I HAD to get out there. So I called 3 of my closest friends and we went....just like that. Thank you to our husbands for not even questioning it and staying at home with all of the kids.

Here we are at the Pantages theater, excited for the show....Which by the way that theater is so old and AMAZING, so ornate and just neat.

Shauna recommended this small little quaint restaurant called "Toast". We were really hoping to have at least one celebrity siting, when much to our surprise, there she was.....THE Kim Kardashian eating at the same place, and here is the picture to prove it......Ok so maybe we missed her by 10 minutes....can you believe that, 10 minutes, we were bummed. So yeah this picture is slightly doctored...Justin isn't the only one in the family with photoshop skills! We were so funny and star struck that she was even there, our waitress showed us her signature on the ticket and everything. Funny story when we were leaving we wanted to take this picture and the lovely girl we asked was a total B. When Kiley asked for one on her camera she said, "Can i please just take one!"....Oh people are so nice!

So you may say, "Oh please the Kardashian's are not even celebrities" this is why we are such close friends, we all watch there show and we even considered going up to Calabases to go to DASH (their store) yeah, she IS a celebrity. I would have been happy seeing Heidi and Spencer!

Here we are inside the theater. I was in heaven seeing that show. And i really think that Heaven will be like one HUGE musical with all of us singing and dancing....I love it, it was really hard for me not to bust out and sing all of the songs at the top of my lungs. I may or may not have been humming though!

We made a stop at Ikea on our way home...Kiley got a bed for her daughter and so we were a bit scrunched on the drive home, and when i say we, I mean not me...I was driving!

Look at that smoke, there are crazy fire there right now, at night the sky was all lit up from the fire. Strangely I didn't smell it though. And there is the famous HOLLYWOOD sign on the mountain. I did start singing "Unwritten" and pictured us driving in a convertible (from the Hills, if you aren't as cool as me to know that)

Michelle, Rissa and Kiley at Brittany Spears star....Naturally we picked the most talented celebrity. we went to the Hollywood and Highland mall, where the Kodak theater is. I had no clue there would be so many freaks there in costume, to try and get people to take pictures with them.....The Joker, from creepy!

All and all, a great trip....girls are you on for next weekend?

Oh Crap!

Coleman is CLIMBING