Friday, May 27, 2011

Super Mario Birthday

The boys had a great birthday, since they are both born in May and since parties are a lot of work, I decided to do them together. The boys love the Wii and anything Mario so we went with that.

I had fun making all of the decorations and Mario and Luigi hats for all of our guest. We did have 3 girls from Lincolns preschool come and so I made them Princess Peach crowns.

One thing I did not want to stress about was the cake so I had my good friend Whitney make it and the boys were thrilled. Check out her cakes here

We had 16 kids come, which is not counting my 3 so 19 kids in all! It was madness! So I set up some stations, well that was the plan, mostly the kids all wanted to play the Wii station. Did I mention it was madness?

Jack and his friends from school

Here's Sam, Lincoln's best friend playing Mario Bingo

We ate pizza out at the park.

The whole gang!

Here are the Princess Peach girls.