Saturday, November 29, 2008


So we got to hold him for the first time today around 2pm.....yeah! I was so excited, I also got to try to feed him. It finally felt a bit more real. Our little Coleman has been taken off of the ventilator, and his lungs are looking fine. Now they only have him on the IV and feeding tubes and now we are just working on the feeding. We love him, he is sooo cute, we cannot decide if he looks like Lincoln or not, I think he does, but Justin thinks he just looks like his own and Kristine thinks he looks like Jack. I still haven't seen him with his eyes open, but hopefully soon. Thank you for all who have called and prayed for our little man.


Yesterday morning I woke up early with my Sister-in-law Kristine to go to the sales at Target. I was having some cramping but didn't think much of it. When we got home about an hour later however I noticed that I was we go again, nothing can ever go as planned with my kids. We checked into the hospital here in Provo and they began monitoring me. We were here all day and my contractions were getting closer and closer and harder and harder. Finally the doctor decided the best thing for me and baby was to deliver. We headed in the OR at around 9pm and the baby was born at 9:40pm. 6 lbs, 6 oz, 19 1/2 inches, Coleman Russell Patrick. Unfortunately since he was a little over 4 weeks early his lungs are not completely developed so he is spending some time on and ventilator right now in the NICU. We hope he will come off of that today so that I can FINALLY hold him. So my trip to Utah has become a longer trip, he will be in the NICU they are predicting for a week.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quick Pregnancy Update..For anyone that cares!

I went to the Dr. on Monday and I finally have a date for my C-Section. December 22nd. It's exactly one week early, i was hoping for 10 days but I guess he will only do a week. He is going in special for me on Monday night so I can be out of the hospital by Christmas Eve, so I can't complain. 25 more days.

I am huge! When my doctor was measuring me he said that I was measuring BIG! its not a surprise, I've always been that way, and then I have really small babies, so pretty much I am a medical mystery! I will not be posting pictures of myself, so for those of you that have been blessed to see me in all my pregnancy glory you can vouch for me.

My new love, ICE. I can't wait until the ice in my glass gets soft enough to chew, I even pour out my water when the ice is ready, and I am dreaming about the ice chips in the hospital.

A week in an half until my 37 week mark, which has meant high blood pressure and bed rest for my other pregnancies, so keep me in your prayers. I would actually like to attend Christmas parties (Bunco especially) to pass the time instead of laying on the couch watching a million baby Stories on TLC. For anyone that is on bed rest for more than a couple of weeks, i don't know how you do it and you are amazing!

Have any of you been watching Celebrity Rehab? If you haven't you really should, it is some good entertainment. Well this guy here is what best describes how I feel every night. He can barely walk and has all sorts of back problems. Well that's me, my lower back just kills when i take a step. Its fine all day but around 8-9pm it is done working.

Well thats it. We are going to Utah for Thanksgiving, leaving today so that will be fun. I am nervous about the 6 hour car ride, but hopfully with my seat heaters on my back i can make it. I just won't drink a lot! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

T-Ball is Over!

So Jack had his last game on Saturday. After the game he got a medal and a trophy. It kind of weird how they do it here, the parents decided which trophy their kid will get. I of course choose the more practical small nicer, cheapest one, but about half of the parents chose the obnoxious huge plastic baseball player. So of course Jack was upset that he didn't get a big one. I had to do some convincing and tell him that he got the 1st place trophy and the others got the 2nd place one. Here is the proud brother Lincoln cheering in the stands, Go Jack!
Jack on first base after his hit, its funny he gets a base hit every time!
Hey Batter Batter!
Focused and ready to get the ball. Jack runs after every ball, there is normally a dog pile to see who can get ti first, its pretty funny.....except for the fact that when Jack doesn't get there first he is not a happy camper. A couple of time we would hear a loud groan coming from the field if he didn't get to the ball first.
We had a fun season, we are going to skip the winter season, I don't want to bring the baby out in the cold, but we will be playing again in the Spring.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Biggest Loser

Does anyone else hate this lady???? Why do I even ask, no one likes her. Last night I wanted to kill her when she was being so mean to Phil. She is just evil. I was not happy at all that Ed came back and I don't think it was fair at all seeing as Phil was the biggest loser. Anyways just had to rant. I was sooooo happy when Amy switched and voted with the black team...I can't wait for next week!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

At the Park

Lincoln's face in this one is just so classic.
The boys LOVE playing on their skateboard. It makes mommy nervous so they had fun at the park with Shauna.

Shauna had the day off work today so she took the kids to the park and I got some time to myself.

Friday, November 7, 2008

They Really Do Love Eachother

So this is what has been happening all week at our house. On Tuesday I went in to check on the boys before I went to bed and Lincoln was gone, I thought he must have gone to our bed, but when I went to look up at Jack there he has happened every night since. Lincoln is such a snuggle bug, all he wants to do is snuggle, constantly!!! So I think he found his way of getting this every night, and Jack is such a good big brother to let him!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Baby Names

So I finally made Justin sit down and go through the baby name book and write some down that he liked. he may change his mind.....but for now we have a few names to choose from. Vote on the poll of what you think, not that it really matters but its fun to see opinions.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


The boys were playing with each other tonight and it was so cute I jut had to tape them. They definitely have a love hate relationship so I cherish the times when they are playing together.


We were planning on having the boys just put on their costumes and hand out candy to the trick or treaters, but we soon realized our neighborhood was dead so we decided to take them over to do a few streets. We only made 2 streets when they were asking to come home. They had fun! Notice the flip flops....yeah its still warm here!