Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cookies for Santa

Aunt Shauna helped the boys make cookies for Santa

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

RS Table

Every year I decorate a table for our annual RS Christmas dinner. This year I went for an Old Navy theme (it just reminded me of the old performance fleece commercials) Here are some pictures of the finished table. I mad mittens for the silverware to go in on the plates, and scarfs to tie around each chair. Then I did a really long scarf to go around the center vase. Mostly probably only Shauna and my mom will be interested in these pictures. I always have so much fun doing this.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas with Justin's Parents

Justin's parents came to spend some time with us since we won't be going to California for Christmas. It was been a very busy weekend, and things are just getting more crazy as the week goes on, but that is the fun of Christmas. Jack got some Tinker Toys, which he hasn't stoppped playing with since. Justin and I went to his work Christmas party which was just awkward. It was like a cocktail party and the doctor invited a bunch of people, so we didn't know hardley anyone and we don't drink so it wasn't that fun. Overall we had a lot of funt his weekend and here are the pictures. I can't wait for my family to come now.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

5 things about me!

Some of my friends have been doing this and I always have fun reading them. I don't have a camera, I pick it up tomorrow, thank goodness. so here we go, here are 5random things about me.

1. I absolutely love cheese. Not only the kind you eat, but musicals, books about falling in love with a vampire, cheesy reality and tv shows, etc. I am just a very cheesy person and proud of it!

2. I love Christmas decorations, but I am sort of a freak about them. Only silver and red, mostly just christmas bulbs. I have a smaller house but when you walk in it can be a bit overwhelming with Christmas decor. Also when the holiday is over I take them all down the next day, I hate things being up more than a day past the holiday if I can help it.

3. I love taking baths. In the winter I noramlly average two a day, everyday.I just get so cold that in my mind that is the only way I can warm up.....I like them really hot too, like you can barely stand to be in there. And I love using different bubble baths. My new favorite Justin got for my birthday is Bath and Body Works, "Sleep, Dream Bath" it is heavenly. Oh one more things about the bath that may be a bit different. I love to sit in the bath while it is filling, by the time it is full and I turn off the water I am about ready to get out.

4. I am really bad at hiding presents. Every year Justin finds his presents, he isn't snooping around I am just bad at hiding. We got in an argument about this the other day. He thinks he must be good at hiding, but the fact is he doesn't shop until the day before christmas so there isn't much hiding involved. i am the oppoiste I buy really early.

5. I am really bad at returning things. I know this is a really bad habbit. When I borrow, I have every intention of returning things right away and I stare at it every day, but every time I leave my house I never remember to drop things off that I have borrowed. So if I have anyones things, I am sorry, really it is sitting on my counter ready to bring aback to you....someday.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sick Boys

I am so tired of sick kids. Both of the boys have had really bad coughs for like the past week. Jack is normally up all night tossing and turning, I get limited sleep! I thought Jack was getting better until yesterday he started complaining about his ear hurting, so I thought for sure we would be making a visit to the doctor today (of course that would happen when are insurance should be kicking in the next few weeks). Well I got lucky, today he seems to be fine, a little coughing but nothing compared so that is a relief and saves us about $100. Anyway here is a pictre of him I took the other day. He was just laying around all day in his PJ's watching movies and I came down stairs and saw him cuddling with this cute reindeer my mom got for him.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Putting up the tree

I borrowed Michelle's camera just so I could take pictures of the event. I finally feel like its really Christmas now. There is nothing better than the smell of a tree in the house! That's right we have a realy tree. Justin has never experienced the fake tree Christmas and he still insists that it's child abuse if you don't have a real tree! I'm not complaining......don't worry i know that 99% of you aren't abusive parents! Isn't it beautiful! And if you were wondering the million presents under the tree? Well my family will be here for Christmas and my mom being the ultimate organized Christmas shopper brought all of the presents wrapped and everything when she drove here for Thanksgiving.....good thing you came mom, there is no way you could have checked all of that luggage!

Can you tell which ornament Jack did all my himself, it was liking hanging by a little twig, we had to wait until later to fix that....he was so proud.

Christmas Picture

I normally don't go for the cheesy backgrounds but while we were waiting for the plain backdrop the lady asked if I just wanted to take some of the boys with the Christmas one, they turned out too cute for me not to get a sheet.

Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm back to posting

Okay well we just took in our camera on Saturday and they have to send it out to fix it......I am so frustrated I am going through the holidays without a camera. Especially since I am blogging it is so hard not to take a picture documenting ecerything to put on the blog ( justin will forever make fun of me for this) Anyway I felt like I needed to post something. I looked and everyone of my friends had a new post up, even Danielle who has been M.I.A. since Halloween. So here you go...a post. Oh and for all of you who gave me a hard time when i said that I ordered my Christmas cards this year instead of making them, all day I have been now doubting that decision! Thanks a lot! there is a reason I am not my normal self, I have not been slacking I have been called as the Primary President so lets just say...I have very limited time!