Friday, December 12, 2008


So Shauna has finished my birthday present paintings of the boys. I LOVE them, they are just so them....Thanks Sissy.
Also I have recently been employed by my sister to help with her paintings that need to be done and shipped to Christmas presents. Basically I am doing the grunt work, but working none the less. Hopefully I will get a nice Christmas bonus!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Last Week

So here are some pictures of whats been happening this past week. Coleman is doing great. He has a bit of jaundice but we don't need to get his blood tested anymore. We are still waiting to hear about his thyroid and the PKU results, but I talked to the doctor today and he said that they didn't seem too worried about his numbers so not to worry. He weighs 6 pounds even now, we will go in on Friday for another weight check to make sure that he is gaining fine.

We finally got all of the Christmas decorations up, Jack was so excited to put up the star on the tree.

Grammy got the boys some fun Christmas PJ's

Jack is so cute and concerned about everything with Coleman. He starts freaking out when Coleman cries and says he needs his Binky. The other day Coleman started crying when Jack went to hold him and jack got so sad, he was saying, "I let his head go and hurt him" Jack felt so bad and was so upset for a while.

Also when we gave Coleman his first bath we needed to take off the identification sticker he had on his leg. Jack started freaking out and saying, "don't do that...stop!" Then he ran downstairs and told my mom, "I remember when I was one daddy took a sticker off of me and it hurt so bad, I don't want him to do that to baby Coleman"

Coleman loves to have his hands up by his face.

Grammy made these fun reindeer cookies with the boys. My mom was here for the first week and we were sad to see her leave, but happy shes coming back next week.

Daddy and his boy.

The boys with their new brother.

Shauna did a painting of Jack for my birthday, I can't wait for Lincoln's, I am obsessed with this one, it just captures Jack so perfectly. I will wait until Coleman is a bit older and has more of his face and can smile for his.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coleman's Home

Here are all of the pictures of the week. Brace yourself...there are a lot!

It was so hard not to be able to hold my baby for the first day, this was as close as I could get.

Things were scary for a while, I am glad I was so on drugs and out of it to know how bad it was. Here he is in his two different looks, the top is the ventilator tube down his throat and the bottom is the oxygen tubes in his nose.

Here is Justin in his surgery outfit. I think it is so funny!

Here is his third look and the one he had for most of his stay. This is his feeding tube he had down his nose. This one was so small and didn't seem uncomfortable to him at all. He had to have this in until he was nursing well enough to sustain him.

Justin's grandparents came to visit.
Jack and Lincoln taking a ride on my IV pole up to see baby brother in the NICU. Well they didn't get to go in, but they had a fun time playing in the family lounge while we visited.

These pictures are Justin and I holding Coleman for the first time. He was almost a day old.

Jack and Lincoln hanging out in my room. Every time they would come to visit Lincoln would say they were going to see mommies "NEW BED"

Coming Home
Grammy came to help while we were in the hospital.

Here is Coleman's little area in the NICU

Jordan and Kristine helped with the boys a ton. Kristine loved coming in to hold him.

I was rare to see this little guys eyes....still is

Jack was a little unsure at first. He was acting even a little scared of Coleman. Lincoln just yelled at the nurse carrying Coleman out to the car and told her to get out of the elevator.....He will take some convincing that having a little brother is a good thing.

Finally Kristine and I pretty much forced Jack to hold him and now he is obsessed with him.
We are home now and trying to still unpack and get life back to normal. I'm sure you will get sick of all the pictures to come of this cute little guy. We have an appt. tomorrow, he may have a bit of jaundice and I just got a call that his newborn screening THS (thyroid) results came back abnormal so we will keep you posted. He seems really healthy and is eating, sleeping and pooping really well so we've got this newborn thing down.