Saturday, April 17, 2010


Anyone that knows us, knows that Justin hates soccer. So I just went ahead and signed the boys up without telling him and figured it would be easier to ask for forgiveness! We were getting tired of Baseball and Jack and Linc could play on the same team for one season, so I was excited, and then Justin actually got excited.

Today was there first day. Lincoln was thrilled when I picked up the uniforms and they were blue. He has wanted to wear it ever since.

It was pretty funny to watch and I must say that there is a lot more yelling involved than with baseball. Being the first game all of the kids were clueless. Jack was pretty good until he fell and then someone stepped on his finger. After that he played goalie and he did a better job than I thought.

Lincoln....well he was pretty much about 10 yards away from the other players at all times, just spinning and in his own world. Later he just walked out of the game in the middle of it and was crying then yells to me, "Mom, no one is letting me have a turn to get the ball!"

First game, lets hope things improve as the season progresses


This Easter was nice and relaxing. General Conference on Easter is the way it always should be. We stayed in our PJ's all day, and ate lots of good food.

Jack is getting much better at frosting the sugar cookies, and he is so proud of his work!

Coleman just peers over the table hoping he can get his hands on one.

Lincoln was really scared of the Easter Bunny when we were at the mall. We weren't even in line to see him or anything, he just spotted him and starting freaking out. The whole time we were in the Gap he kept asking me, "Mom is he coming?"....So when we kept talking about the Bunny coming to our house to hide the eggs and the baskets, he was NOT excited! So we had to tell him that the Easter Bunny was an actual cute little furry magic bunny. That night in his prayers he said, "Im thankful that the Easter Bunny is cute and little and soft like daddy's head".

Coleman is always on the move so its hard to get a good picture of him. He found some eggs though and had such a fun time!

Linc and I coloring our eggs. He dropped and broke about 3 in the process!

We had a ward egg hunt at the park and I just about died when Lincoln came to me and showed me his basket. can you tell what his favorite color is?

Of course Jack did all of his eggs in green

Sweet New Ride!!!

So I loved our Passat but since Coleman was born I have not enjoyed having all 3 kids in a row in the back. So it was time for a change. I figured I have three kids, I'm thirty, there is one thing missing from this picture.........a MINIVAN!! That's right and you should all be jealous! Really, it feels like luxury to us. We got the Chrylser Town and Country. Justin was sold when he saw the plugs for his Xbox.

It is so nice to not only have more room for my kids, but room for friends. Not to mention the 2 TV's that can be playing 2 different movies at a time, or one playing video games, the other movie, all while I am listening to my ipod up front.....I told you its nice!

Both of these pictures are at Carmax getting ready to get the van. Thank goodness Grammy was there, because even with her, Lincoln jumped into a golf cart and it started rolling and almost hit our new van.....Grammy stopped it and saved the boys are WILD!

But so dang cute!

yeah we are officially in Love, my mini van and I!!

We're BACK!!

If you have been wondering where we have been, the answer is I've been a very LAZY blogger. I'm sure mostly my mom was annoyed that I have not been posting pictures of her grandkids for her enjoyment, so Grammy, here you go. Get ready its been like 3 months. So I thought I would start with just some random pics.

I just love when all of my boys are together in one place......aren't they so handsome!

Coleman has learned how to flex and of course we all crack up so he continues to do it.