Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Son is Growing Up

Its so crazy how time flies, Jack is getting so big. The other day he told me he was drawing Mickey and this was the finished product. I just love kids drawings, he was looking at a stuffed animal of Mickey and trying to hard to get it right, notice the buttons on his pants.

When I got home from the doctor's the other morning he comes running to me and says, "Mom, I'm so proud of you!" Okay I said, why. His response, "because I just love you so much, thank you for coming home!" So cute and precious.

But unfortunately with getting older comes the not so cute and not so precious things that come out of his mouth, like the other day when I heard him call Lincoln and "Stupid Little Jerk" i may need to bring out the soap for his mouth. I guess it is just part of growing up, I know he heard it somewhere, there is no getting around it, it's just scary to me the new things we will have to now face as parents.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Circus

Last Thursday we went with some of our friends to the Circus. The tickets were only $10 on opening night so we decided that the boys would probably love it. Well it was worth the $35 and we had great seats. The boys were angels and loved EVERY minute of it I don't think Jack stopped smiling the whole time we were there. He has this new dramatic laugh every time he sees something funny so we were hearing that the whole time the clowns were out. They are still talking about the Elephants, Tigers, Baby Horses (ponies) and of course the motorcycles.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Its Official!

We are Pregnant with the Patrick Baby #3. I am about 12 1/2 weeks along. Most of you already know because you have seen me and I can't hide it very well. I went to the doctor today, heard the heartbeat and we are due December 29th, but since I will be having a C-section and both of my boys have come early my doctor assured me I will be out of the hospital for Christmas which was a huge relief! We are really excited!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mind your own business people!

So today I ventured to Costco and by the time I was done I was literally sweating from head to toe. My boys were just being bad....well they were fighting the whole time, screaming and hitting eachother. I used to love the Costco carts because it was so nice that the boys can sit side by side. NOT ANYMORE! So for all of you that have children that are constantly fighting you will know what i am going through, sometimes I just let them have at it, I mean there isn't much i can do in Costco anyway, if i let jack walk then Lincoln will start climbing out. Anyway I get to the register and the lady says to me, "Oh they are fighting" as if i didn't know this, so I just said to her, "yeah I know" then she says back, "you just let them hit eachother?" as she looks at me like I am the worst possible mom in the world. The only thing I could reply back was, "yeah I'm just letting them work it out"


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm Back!

We had a great Father's Day. I know I have said it a bunch but Justin is the best! trying to get a picture of my boys is near impossible these days so here is the best I could get.

I made this yummy chocolate cake and the boys were obsessed with it, asking for some all day. So this night I just let them go to town at the remains. Obviously this is a before shot.

Lincoln is crackingme up lately, he wants to be just like Jack! it is very cute when jack is cooperating, when hes not it is a huge screaming hitting match. Oh the joys of siblings fighting, that has pretty much been my life for the past few weeks.

Now for just a few funny Jack moments.

He was playing with his toys and said, "That really sucks!" I quickly responded with, "jackson don't say that word, its not a nice word." Then he came back right away with, "Well you and Daddy say that word.".........Ooppps! I don't really think I have a bad mouth but when you hear it come from your kids it sounds horrible.

Another instance of jack basically calling me a bad parent was this,

We had some friends over and the little boy hit Lincoln, well then Jack went completely balistic and went over and hit him back really hard. I was so angry. When he finally calmed down and I was talking to him this is what his explaination for his outrage was, " Mommy I wanted to tell him that he is a kid and kids can't hit. Only Mommies and Daddies can hit!"...........Another Ooops! Maybe I need to calm down on the spanking.

Then this weekend we were at a ward party at the park, all of the kids were playing in the water and i look over and see Jack completely naked peeing in the rocks. When i tried to explain to him that we need to go to the bathroom or hide if we are peeing so that noboby can see his pee pee. Then he says to Justin and I, "I can just do this so they won't see it" (he was making a fist that would cover his privates.......Oh how to explain certain things to a 4 year old isn't easy.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Primary Activity Cake

Well we just had our Primary activity this past Saturday. It was a cruise theme that we called "THE FRIENDship" we had the kids stop at different "ports" which were different activities from "The Friend" magazine. It was really fun. I thought the cake turned out pretty good, it was HUGE! I used 9 cake mixes. I have to give a huge thanks to Justin, he frosted the whole thing, that is the worst part trying to get that darn icing to look smooth and I had had it. So I called on my perfectionist of a husband and I think i will need to make him a partner, he did really good.