Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Craziness!!

So things around here have been crazy. I had a piano recital and a Christmas party for friends. We've been trying to buy a car, and basically i am stressed to the MAX!!! But in 4 more days it will all be over because we will be on our way to California where we have no responsibilities and we can just have FUN with family!

So our ward Christmas party was a Polar Express theme. They had breakfast, then read the book, got their Tickets and boarded the train that took them to the "North Pole" where we had a really legit Santa Clause. Then they made a candy train. Really cute and really fun and right up my boys alley. Justin and I made a train out of a refrigerator box for it and when the kids came downstairs to see it you would have thought it was Christmas!.

Coleman looks as large as the kids.......because he practically is! Wearing size 3T PJ's in this picture. Apparently those PJ's were sized for tiny doll children.

Then we made a Giant Gingerbread house, which took us almost a week to finish, it was intense and HUGE. The boys started with their very own gingerbread men.

So this is what Coleman has been up to. Driving me crazy by constantly taking the ornaments off the tree and bringing them to me so proudly.......Ahhhhhhh, its annoying, but he's so dang cute!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Holiday's

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Friday, December 4, 2009


So right now Jack is telling me all about his future.

He is going to marry his friend Carlaya (in his words, "Carlaya will be the mom to stay at home with the kids while i am at work")

He is going to have 3 kids, one boy and three girls......at first it was three girls and then he thought about that for a second and said, "just one boy mommy, don't worry i will still have 2 girls for you"

He is going to be a train conductor and live in Utah so he can be Uncle Jordan's neighbor, and he said, "we will visit Las Vegas so you can watch my kids mom, like Grammy, you will be their Grammy"

His house is going to have all blue paint downstairs and his kitchen floor is going to be all kinds of colors and his carpet is going to be green. Dark blue upstairs and brown in all four rooms...........

Oh man this kid is funny. He also informed me today, that "I don't like Lincoln anymore, he always wants to be like me and i don't want him to....he just bugs me, and I want to be alone!"

He is growing up so fast and I am starting to see that he wants a little more privacy, so as soon as Coleman is big enough we will give him his own space and own room. He will sit at his "work desk" (Justin's drawing table) for hours just drawing pictures and coloring, totally a miniature Justin. I have been trying to spend more one on one with him by taking him to Starbucks in the am (like 6am) before his brothers and dad wake up (did you know their kids hot chocolate is only $1)

I'm in love with this little guy!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Baby is ONE!!!

I cannot believe that one year ago I was in Utah on Black Friday shopping in Target and this little guy decided to come. He was 5 1/2 weeks early so we were quite surprised. For the first month we were worried about him gaining weight but now we worry no more! Coleman is so much fun for our family. He is walking all over the place and eating us out of house and home!

We love you Coleman....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

***He fell and hit his head smack in the middle of his forehead on the door jam, it was the HUGEST goose egg i have ever seen!**