Wednesday, August 26, 2009


For some reason Jack did not want me to park and walk him up to the Kindergarten gate this morning. He wanted me to just let him get out in the drop off lane (which eventually we will do, but its only the 3rd day of school!) So as I park and turn off the car he starts huffing and puffing and then he said this,

"Mom, listen, Jesus wants 5 year olds to walk by themselves....not with their moms!"

So yeah...nice huh, what is happening here? He's 5!!! And then I ask him how school is...he can't remember, or he tells me that he got to play on the playground. Already he is being a typical boy and not offering any info.

Monday, August 24, 2009

3 Teeth

3 new teeth have turned my sweet little happy angel baby into this....

He has 2 on the bottom and one is coming in on the top, just one so he is a little off balance...

"When its time to pass the test........KINDERGARTEN its the BEST!

Getting ready for Jack's big day. He had his choice between, maroon, navy, white and gold shirts to wear...this was his choice! not sure if I am a fan of the whole uniform thing yet.

Being silly with Linc

It was hard to get a good picture of Jack...I think he was getting a little nervous.

Here he is following the class walking into the school.

He forgot his supplies so I "HAD" to follow him in....darn!

He sat by his friend Oakley from our ward.

This was Lincoln's reaction outside after he couldn't go into school with Jack. He will miss his buddy in the mornings. Don't worry he felt much better after he came home and stuffed his face with the cake mom made last night (while I was teaching piano of course! He always knows the right time to strike)

I did pretty good, a little teary but mostly excited for Jack. Last night when Justin gave him a blessing, I was baby is getting so old. I just love Jack, he really is my perfect angel and still my baby!

***title of this post is a reference from Kindergarten Cop....not sure if anyone but my family will catch that.....oh and also we chant it almost every night on our way up to bed....have for years, not sure why, they kids have it memorized...the whole thing***

Friday, August 21, 2009


I always sing this song called "Dim the Lights" to my kids at bedtime. It was passed down from Justin's mom, and from her mom etc. Well yesterday I was trying to take a nap with Lincoln and he started singing it to me. It usually starts like this,

"Dim the lights little Lincoln....."(or whichever child i am singing to)

Here is how Lincoln sang it to me,

"Dim the lights BIG MOMMY"

Pretty Stinking Funny!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Coleman's New favorite passtime

Seriously, how cute is this kid? Coleman loves those little bitter biscuit cookies and they make such a huge mess so this is my solution. I have been sticking him in the sink while I clean things up and finish up dinner. He loves it!

Oh yeah and he got his first 2 teeth on the bottom this week and he has mastered crawling...Big steps for the Cole-Man this week!

The Roe's

Michelle and the boys came to visit us this last week and we had so much fun. Our first order of business for Michelle and I was to hit up Target...and we did....with 5 kids, ages, 5, 4, 3, 2, and pictures of this event....not pretty, but we had to do it. Michelle lives in Lake Havasu and there is no Target. One day we went the the pool and we also went to Chuck e Cheeses. Michelle and I spent way to much time playing a new game I bought, "Blokus" so fun! We miss you guys already...move back soon!


The boys new thing is to pretend they are on a Safari, out in our jungle of a backyard...Here they are looking at the map that Jack made for them to follow on their adventures. According to Jack at the end they will find a special clue where that came from.

Also notice Jack's shirt? Its from his new "Big" school...He loves wearing it.

Both of them will full their backpacks with all sorts of toys to be prepared for their never know when they are going to come across darth vader and need a lightsaber!

I have no idea what this brush is for, but it seemed really important. I love days like this when they are best friends and playing so well together.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The other day someone kept calling my cell phone over and over again. Like 20 times in a row. So i finally answer and it is some lady speaking Chinese or something. And even when I said I can't understand, she kept jabbering on, and then would call back again when we hung up. So we were laughing about it and then Jack says,

"I hate it when people always speak Spanish, It's weird and annoying!"

Then we were watching some Shark Week show on the Discovery channel and they were disecting a shark....They were showing all of the meat, and I said to Justin, "Do people eat shark meat", he said yes and then this little gem came out of Jack,

"Eww that is disgusting, I am NEVER going to eat animals that are dead!"

We said, well what about chicken and hamburgers, they are from cows,

"Mom hamburgers are circles...not cow shapped."

We changed the subject real quick, the last thing I need is a kid who won't eat Corn Dogs, Chicken Nuggets and hamburgers!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh Wow, What a day...

And its only 1pm. I wanted to get out of the house and do something fun today so I thought I would take the boys to the pool. When.....
#1. I can't find Jack's swimsuit anywhere...I call Justin he thinks it got left in Utah. So Okay I will stop at Target on the way to the pool. So I go to grab my wallet and....
#2 Wallet is no where to be found...GREAT! I am tracing my steps and realized I may have left it at the movie theater yesterday, so I have all the kids in the car and I am freaking out. I call the theater and they have it...Pheww! So I head there, then the plan is Target then finally the pool. When.....
#3 I look back in the car at Jack and he doesn't look so good, so I ask him if he's Okay and he just says, my tummy hurts. Two seconds later he's BARFING! So I get the the theater, clean him up, my friend Kiley was near by so she stopped to sit with the kids so i didn't have to get them all out, which was a good thing because by now Jack is just left in his underwear. I get me wallet and then we head back home.
#4, Lincoln has a total melt down when we pull up and he realizes, this is not the pool. I was able to revert his attention with peanut butter and apples, his absolute favorite snack. So I come upstairs to get a second to myself while the boys are eating and then Lincoln comes up.....
#5 COVERED in peanut butter.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


After California we got in the car and headed to Utah for a little Patrick family reunion. My sister-in-law Melissa and I decided to leave early Wednesday morning so that we could just get there. So we caravaned and it was HORRIBLE! It took us 13 hours with the time change and driving that long by yourself is a challenge. I love Justin and I take advantage of the fact that he normally drives and I can nap because I actually fell asleep at the wheel and almost killed my family! Yikes, I will never take that risk again!

The first day there we went up to Snowbird and to the Alpine slides there. It was beautiful!! Here is Grandma with the little ones that couldn't ride, Eliza and Coleman.

Papa went down with Lincoln.

I went down with Jack

Jack pulling the slide up.

Here are the boys waiting in line for the slide.....absolutely gorgeous (the boys and the scenery)

Lincoln and I going up on the ski favorite part.

Jack rode up with Papa

As we were leaving Snowbird we were walking by a little stream. Jack was saying it was a river and then he said, "I think it's going to lead to Jordan's flow" (from the Baptism primary song)

We also went to the Ochre Temple open house. It was one of the most beautiful temples I have been through. When we went into the sealing room for a little explaination Papa was holding Coleman and luck would have it they say right in front of the mirror that you can see your reflection forever...well Coleman got a kick out of watching himself and was laughing the entire time. It was really loud, but really stinking cute!

When we were about to go in I was explaining to Jack that this was like his favorite song, "I love the see the Temple...I'm going there someday"..... His reply was, "Yeah mom, but I don't think we're going to feel the Holy Spirit" was cute, of course I told him that if he was reverent he could.
Trying to get a picture of the 3 boys is nearly impossible. We took professional family pictures while we were there and I sure hope I can manage to get a decent one.

The first night after our long car ride we stayed with my brother Jordan. I was going to let the kids stay up but Jack was exhausted, I thought this was cute.

Daddy FINALLY arrived on Friday night, man was I happy. No more 2 weeks apart from him for a LONG time!
This is while we were waiting to take pictures, Coleman was practicing his smile with Daddy. I promise Justin does not have that many chins...its the picture, but it was too darn cute not to post.

The boys had so much fun playing with ALL of their cousins. This was them the whole way home from Utah....well that is after Lincoln threw up TWICE!

And now for some AWESOME news, well to me at least. Coleman can now hold his own bottle! YEAH my life is now a little easier.