Sunday, October 16, 2011

Patrick's Ice Cream Night

The boys think that going to Baskin Robbins is the coolest thing EVER, all of the choices just makes them sooooo excited. We told them that if they had a great first day of school we would go. It was delicious and fun. I love Lincoln's intense ice cream face!

First Day of School 2011, Lincoln- Kindergarten & Jackson- 2nd Grade

Lincoln all lined up and ready to go into class.Look at those bright blue shoes. He insisted on getting those shoes and they fit his personality to a T
The boys in front of the school sign
Walking up to the school. Lincoln was a little nervous and Jack now being in 2nd grade was a pro at the school thing. Jackson was so cute helping his little brother.

Jack the big 2nd grader

I was watching the clock the whole time Lincoln was in class waiting to go pick him up! This is such a great picture that I was able to get as he was running out to give me a hug after he was let out of school.

Lake Mead

Jack and Linc with their buddy Sam James

Each of the boys took a ride with dad.

Coleman loved throwing rocks in the water. This kid is a maniac in the water, he thinks he can swim and will just jump straight in!

At the end of the day we went to the dock to feed the fish and there were millions of was disgusting!

Jordan's Graduation, Kristine's Baby Shower

Erin and I at Kristine's baby shower.

Pirate Island Pizza

So proud of my baby brother.

This is how we kept Coleman occupied all weekend.

LEGO week

The week of Spring break I wanted to focus more on playing with the boys and less on housework. So that's what we did. We laid out a giant sheet in the middle of the family room and poured out all the legos on it. And they were there all organized in piles for the entire week. We had a goal to put together all of the Lego sets we had. Let me tell you finding all the little pieces that you need is quite the chore. I think we almost got them all, Justin and I would even work on them at night when the boys were sleeping, and our entire kitchen counter was full of them (we had to keep them up high out of Coleman's reach).

Jack truly is a LEGO MANIAC!!

Dr, Mom and Dad

The boys were playing outside with dad and the hose. Lincoln was hiding in the garage and when Daddy came up to scare him Linc turned around and ran right into the open van door. It just sliced him open really good. Next thing I know Linc is screaming and there is a TON of blood. We put pressure on it and called a Dr. friend of ours. He told us that if we took him to the ER all they would do is super glue it together, since we did not have insurance and with him walking us through step by step, Mom and Dad fixed him up ourselves. We happened to have a new tube of super glue and everything. Lincoln was so calm and brave! Looking at the scar today I am quite proud of us, who needs doctors anyways!

Rebels Baseball

So Lincoln insisted that he wanted to play baseball, so we signed him up with a few of his friends. He was kind of excited for the first game, but standing out in the field and waiting for his turn to bat got old real fast......He sure was a cute little Rebel though! I made this banner for the team

He sure knew how to get dirty in that red dirt on the field!

Lincoln Graduates Preschool

Lincoln and Mrs. Erika

Lincoln had such a great year in preschool. He attended Mrs. Erika's lil' Academy. His best friend Samuel James was in his class. He learned so much and grew up so much this year. I was in tears during the whole graduation thinking about how big my kids are getting. I am so proud of my little LoveBug Lincoln!

Disney Piano Recital

For the Spring Piano Recital, i decided to do a Disney theme. Mostly because I wanted to make these caramel apples that Ive seen at Disneyland. The kids loved playing the familiar Disney songs we all know and love. Jack played, "Yo, Ho, A Pirates Life for me". And of course he played it flawless. Each of my students got to take home a Mickey apple.

Jack wore his pirate shirt and insisted on wearing his Mickey ears, that we bought when he was 1yr old, so they were a little small....he didn't care, he was proud

Here is my spread of treats. Can you tell I had fun with this, Mickey apples, Tigger Marshmallow tails and Toy Story alien sugar cookies.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Super Mario Birthday

The boys had a great birthday, since they are both born in May and since parties are a lot of work, I decided to do them together. The boys love the Wii and anything Mario so we went with that.

I had fun making all of the decorations and Mario and Luigi hats for all of our guest. We did have 3 girls from Lincolns preschool come and so I made them Princess Peach crowns.

One thing I did not want to stress about was the cake so I had my good friend Whitney make it and the boys were thrilled. Check out her cakes here

We had 16 kids come, which is not counting my 3 so 19 kids in all! It was madness! So I set up some stations, well that was the plan, mostly the kids all wanted to play the Wii station. Did I mention it was madness?

Jack and his friends from school

Here's Sam, Lincoln's best friend playing Mario Bingo

We ate pizza out at the park.

The whole gang!

Here are the Princess Peach girls.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Lincoln is "Mario riding Yoshi"

Jack- the "Jedi"

Coleman- cutest little Vampire you've ever seen! Well Jack and Linc were both adorable vampires at this age too!

Our family at the ward Trunk or Treat. Justin was 1st runner up in the ward Chili contest. His first attempt at chili was a success!

The Mario brothers clan, Chase Roe, Linc, and Connor Roe

Jack and his buddy Tyler from school. These two are the class clowns :)