Sunday, April 19, 2009


So Jack had his first baseball game of the season yesterday. He is one the "Tigers". I made the team banner again, it turned out pretty cute, i think i will be a team banner pro before we know it! This season he is playing in the 5-6 year old league . So he is the youngest one on his team, we thought it would help him a lot playing with the older kids. Oh by the way do you like that his team color is white? I think its weird and after last night I think I am going to have to stock up on stain remover (why in the world do they have to play on that red dirt, it is so hard to get out!)

It was quite a warm day, Coleman was so cute in his shorts (which barely fit him, he is growing out of 9 months clothes and he isn't e3ven 5 months yet, I guess i have to shop this week!) Who is the strange grandpa holding him? Who knows just some stange grandpa at the game watching his grandson, asked Justin if he could hold Coleman. It was pretty cute.

We were so proud of Jack he did fantastic, it was such a difference from last season. He played right field (didn't see much action out there) but he was in ready position and saying "hey batter batter". And he didn't have to use the Tee once! He was up to bat 3 times, the coach pitches to them and they get like 5 tries to hit it before the Tee and he hit it every time. Everyone was shocked.
It was pretty funny after the game they stood in line and gave the other team high fives and told them good game, and then both teams huddled for their cheer. Well, Jack got confused and went to the other teams huddle. With Jack being so young the coaches are really good about keeping there eye out for Jack so they noticed he was missing and were calling for him telling him he was with the wrong team. Jack just looked back and waved for them to come over. It was sooo funny, I wish I would have had my camera.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Look at this little nugget!

Lincoln has been in potty training limbo. He can't decided if he wants to do it or not and neither can I. This day he went in the toilet pretty much all day. When he does wear underwear (which is VERY rare, he is normally naked, he is a major exhibitionist) he insists on wearing them backwards so he can see the picture. Today he wants NOTHING to do with being a big boy.

Jack has started a new baseball season. This time he is on the Tigers and the league is 5-6 year olds. With Jack turning 5 next month he is the youngest on his team and it is a HUGE difference from the 3-4 year old league. He did really well at his last practice and I think playing with the older kids we will see a big improvement.


The boys both got huge chocolate bunnies, i remember getting these growing up and loving them so I had to do the same for the boys. Its a good think the chocolate is bad or I would have finished both of them off.

Hunting for Eggs, We did it inside this year, it had been windy and our backyard was covered in trash. The Easter bunny came to our house while we were at church. With 9am church there was no way we could do it all before. Lincoln was petrified of the Easter Bunny, he is not a fan of characters and when we saw him at the mall Lincoln refused to even look. We had a few screaming matches between the boys because Jack would say the Easter Bunny was coming and Lincoln would say he wasn't and start screaming. We had to convince Lincoln that he wouldn't see him. Hopefully this fear doesn't last long.

The boys had so much fun coloring the Easter eggs.

Jack was just fascinated that the eggs were changing colors.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Out of the mouth of my boys

Here are a few of Lincoln's new sayings, that we hear ALOT

Every night about 5 minutes after we put the kids to bed Lincoln comes down stairs and says
"I need some juice, I'm too thirsty"

Also frequently walking around just saying the number "69" or "69 hundred" clue!

"This is the best easter I've ever learned about"

and my favorite is that he has started calling me a "Bad mommy" when he gets in trouble.

and when anyone says a prayer he will say, "that's a really good prayer" but he wants to be the only one who says amen, or at least the one who says it first so then he will yell, "no I say amen not all you guys!"

And now for Jack

He had some really good ones this week while my mom was here. They were talking about the color of his eyes and how he got them and then he said this to my mom,
"Grammy can you go to your church and ask Jesus to give me green eyes"

and when playing video games, " I can beat Bowser all by myself, not very many 4 years olds can do's that"

after peeing like 5 million times he says, "Mom that is what happens when i drink a lot of juice I get Pee sick"

I know there are many more funny things that my kids do and say, they crack me up on a daily basis.

In LOVE with this baby!

I'm probably shooting myself in the foot with speaking too soon, but Coleman has slept through the night (10-12 hours) 3 out of the last 4 nights!!!!!

At the Park yesterday, LOVING this weather

We tried rice cereal for the first time and he did really good.

It is so easy to get a smile out of this guy. He is so easy and will just lay on his mat for hours, so unfortunately he gets ignored at times (I know i already have guilt, we are busy) so when you go over and pay a tiny bit of attention to him he just grins and giggles.

4 months
I am soooo in love with this kid, he is so good, so cute and so GOOD!!!