Sunday, July 26, 2009

Grammy's House

We went to the zoo and rode the fun little train.

And the castle park....the boys favorite!

Splash Park

We went to a fun park with some of the cousins.....Lincoln is not pictured because once again he decided to hide out and do his own thing....I am beginning to think he is not much of a water person.

Coleman and cousin Delaney

Wow is this kid chubby.,...and dang cute!

Jack and cousin Dawson

Sly Park Lake

Last Saturday we went up to Sly Park and played at the Lake All day. Jack had a blast....Lincoln not so much. The weather was beautiful and also so was the scenary. When we where driving here to California, Jack says to me, "Mommy why are there so many trees here in California?".....sad I know!

Jack and his cousin Max

Coleman and Aunt Melissa

Coleman and Pappa

Jack and cousin Delaney..they are 3 weeks apart and so cute together.

All Because Two People Fell in Love.....

Justin's Parents had their 35th wedding anniversary while we have been here in California. Together they have 14 grandchildren so we took them to the temple to get some cousin shots. We love you Grandma and Grandpa!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Love to See the Temple

Michelle and I needed to go to the distribution center today, so we thought we would make a day out of it and take the boys for a picnic lunch and walk around the temple grounds. The boys were so good and were walking around with their arms cute! They kept calling the Angel Moroni the trophy on top of the temple :)

Chase, Jackson, Connor and Lincoln
these boys are so adorable ! so cute
These guys are moving at the end of this week which makes me so sad....we won't even talk about it! :( The boys will really miss their best too!

Lincoln stopping for one QUICK smile....not easy to get a good pic of him these days.

Coleman had fun too! By the way this outfit is 24 months....Lincoln wore this when he was 2 for pictures......yikes. The doctor told me it was time to switch him out of the infant carrier he is in the big boy seat riding backwards.....growing way too fast! not sue why his collar is popped in this picture...not intentional.

For a long time now Jack's favorite song to sing at night time and in primary is "I Love to See the Temple" so I thought it would be cute to have him sing it in front of the temple. Obviously we need some help with some of the ending words. Yeah I know i am an idiot and had the camera turned when taking this video.

I am excited to take them to the Sacramento temple in a few weeks!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Jack

"Mom, Lincoln is just cute, and I'm really, really, really cute!"

"Mom, why are there bad words on earth?"