Friday, October 30, 2009

My Rant.....

Does anybody watch "The Rant" on the Las Vegas News station? Its so funny to Justin and I to hear people get all hot and bothered about things. Well today I have a lot on my mind and I am just feeling like ranting. I will probably delete this post shortly but, i just need to get it out! So here we go, my RANT....

1. Online bill paying, you have to use it. It saves me so much time and money on stamps and you can choose the exact date the bills are delivered....but every couple of months it seems there is some sort of a blunder (by me) and when it happens its like major panic. Like when I paid $1,500 to the power company instead of $150, or like this month when I schedule all of my bills to be delivered on the 5th of November (payday) except I miss changing the date on one, and of course that one is a mortgage payment.....whoops! I go to check our account and it is in the negative because that bill which should not of gone through until the 5th has just paid.....yeah not good!

2. Driving with dogs in the car...Okay so every time I see people driving with their dogs, the dogs are crawling all over them while they are driving.....NOT SAFE PEOPLE! If you have a dog and you do this, I still love you, and sometimes I wish I could have the same love of animals that you do (I said sometimes I wish that, most of the time i just think animals are nasty....I know i am cold!)

3. My house...oh my house, it is a serious cause of stress for me. No matter what I do this place is a pig sty. And I try, I really try...obviously not hard enough. And I used to pride myself at how good and clean my house looked. I give up! And that makes me feel like a failure. Of course it doesn't help that my couches have been back ordered and I have had camping chairs and an air ma tress in my family room for the last week, or that my carpets are horrible! I am grateful for what I have....that's why it should be cleaner...and the laundry and the dishes NEVER stop!

4. boys are starting to eat more and more. My grocery bill is almost doubling and our income is the same.....problem! And I know it will only get worse, everyone always says, "just wait until you have 3 teenage boys!" I know, i just hope and pray Justin is bringing home more bacon. Maybe that is when my food storage will come in handy!

5. Speaking of teenage boys...last night at our wards "Trunk of treat' I made a comment to my friend how I hate the ugly nasty older boy costumes, they are so junky. Then she says to me, "Well you better start liking them because that is your future!" And it hit me....crap that is one bad thing about all boys....nasty Halloween costumes.

6 About Halloween. I think the economy has affected the quality of candy coming from people. My boys hardly got ANY chocolate for mom.........darn!

7. Coleman is sick and has been extremely clingy today...Problem, he weighs like 30 pounds and my arms are dying!!!

8. Our one outing of the day was going to the Redbox to get some movies for the kids...they get all excited, i get all excited that they will be occupied for a couple of hours. So we go to the first one, its says something like "Performing maintenance" so we drive to another one....same thing. Not to mention they are right in front of Mc Donalds so now the kids want happy meals. This guy that was there said he just came from another location too and same thing. So I come home without any movies, mad kids and nasty happy meals.

Ok that is if that hasn't been enough. With those thoughts, i hope you are having a great day!

Trunk or Treat

So as you can see we went with the Toy Story theme this year and the boys were thrilled. Coleman even stayed in his outfit the entire time and seemed to enjoy it. We always have a blast at our ward trunk or treat and this year was no exception. It is like the Halloween event for the kids. Jack and Lincoln made there rounds as quick as possible and then headed straight back to the car to hand out candy, they were so excited to do that.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Primary Program

Here is Jack as we were leaving for church. He was really excited for the program. We kept the program really simple this year which is a think why it was such a success.

Jack's part was, "I am created in the image of God, which means I look like Heavenly Father." He had it memorized and said it pretty fast and slightly in a baby voice...but that's okay he made up for it in the singing department. Jack sang his little heart out to EVERY song and he knew EVERY word...yeah he was that kid, the one who is slightly off key and singing was really cute, he was also trying really hard to smile as he was singing which made it even more hilarious to watch. We were very proud of him!

I can't believe that next year Lincoln will be up there too!

Pumpkin Patch

The boys on the little train ride.

Lincoln in the bounce house.

My "little" pumpkin! (not much little about this kid!)

The boys with Grammy

So the closet thing to a real pumkin patch here is in the K-mart parking lot, but the boys could care less. They had a blast. Grammy was in town so that was a lot of fun.

Discovery Children's Museum, SLC Utah

Justin had a business trip to Salt Lake so the boys and I decided to tag along. While we were there we went to this fun children's museum and to say that we loved it would be an understatement. We spent all morning there and then went back that night while Justin was working. They had all sorts of fun things, and my favorite part was the children's city where the kids could shop, dress up and just play like they were adults sooo fun!

I now wear underpants and I am PROUD!!

So now that Lincoln is potty trained I swear every time I turn around he is stripped down to just his underwear. He is frequently showing everyone that he can his "awesome" characters or whatever he happens to be wearing that day. Here he is at the park. I was reading a book and i tune around and see this cute little kid just playing...i guess he was hot!

The other day at Jack's baseball practice, Lincoln and one of the other kids brothers were playing at the park. One of the parents comes up to us and says..."Ummm your boys have taken off their clothes".....Lincoln said they were playing water slides.

I am hoping the cooler weather keeps Lincoln's clothes on. But i am sooooo happy he is not wearing diapers. Two down one to go!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I couldn't resist! The Boys were laughing so hard.

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Last night we were sitting at the table ready to eat dinner,I brought out a pitcher of lemonade and set it on the table. Next thing we know we look over and Jack is drinking from the pitcher.

Me- "Jack what are you doing?"
Jack- "I learned it from daddy."
Justin- "Jack only daddies can do that"
Jack- "Well daddy I am just practicing to be like you!"

So funny, and of course I just gave Justin that look of, "see you better watch it, Jack wants to do EVERYTHING you do."