Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Camping at Mt Charleston

So the last time we took our memorial day camping trip with the Christensen's it was snowing so this year was MUCH better. We always have so much fun with them and hope to have many more camping trips together.

Justin brought his BB gun and we had a fun time shooting. I have literally NEVER shot a single gun in my life....it was quite fun. And with all boys I am sure I will have many more shooting opportunities.
All though it looks like I have incredible aim.....I didn't hit a single target (soda can)

Jack and Carlaya have been buddies since they were brand new babies...its so fun to watch them grow up. We always say they are betrothed.

Coleman was a stinker, not the best age to take camping. Trying to get him to sleep at nights, and just keep him safe and with us as enough to cure me from my "I want another baby" crazy thoughts.......for now :)

Lincoln and Noah playing monster trucks

We did a treasure hunt for the kids and after Jack and Carlaya wanted to do one of their own, it was cute.

Justin taught the boys the game, "Don't Eat Pete!".....big hit!

I have come used to the fact that Jack will be in sunglasses in all pictures....the campfire was too bright and he would not roast marshmallows without them. He was funny, the first morning when we woke up Jack says to Justin, "Wow, I'm hungry where are those marshmallows?".......Nice try Jack

Lincoln is 4!!

Lincoln's birthday we had on Saturday so the boys first played soccer and then we went to Chuckee Cheeses for lunch and cake. He had a great day. He really wanted to get a goal on his birthday and he got a free kick, but kicked it right to the goalie. He was excited to get 4 kicks though.


So for Mom/Grammy's 60th Birthday we went to Disneyland. We had so much fun. Erin works for the ESPN zone so our tickets were basically free for 3 days at both parks, so thanks Erin it wouldn't have been possible without you and thanks Mom for having a birthday wish! Enjoy the One million pictures!

Like father like son

Erin and Jordan

Pirates ride

The Parade. While we were waiting Justin somehow talked Jack into having the crowd do the wave. So he would run up and down the street trying to get people to join him. It was hilarious and he actually got it going. so cute!

Jack and the map....he wanted to be in charge each step of the way

Peter Pan

I just love Lincolns face. He says he liked Space Mountain, but I think he was just proud of himself for riding, and glad it was over.

Look at that face. Coleman was quite the challenge in lines. He wanted to keep walking and would scream when we had to stop him.....Good Times!