Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jack's Big Week

Jack turned 5 on Monday....I cannot believe it. We had pizza instead of cake that night, since he took cupcake cones to school, and we are having a party on Friday. The boys thought this was hilarious to use a pizza.

Jack had school on his birthday, which he was happy about because that meant he got to bring cupcakes and wear this special birthday hat.

He got a bunch of Legos for from us and his Grandma and Grandpa...he was thrilled and hasn't stopped building since.

We made this pencil vase to give to Jack's teacher at the graduation.

I realized this morning that we were all in blue tones so I thought it would be a good time for a family picture...unfortunately Jack was not cooperating (remember how I said before that you would think the kid was blind, he ALWAYS thinks the sun is too bright) This is the best we got.

Jackson and Mrs. Whitney, after he gave her the flowers.

The graduate

Daddy was proud!

And we still have his LEGO Birthday Party on Friday, a Primary Activity on Saturday, and his last baseball game and party.....Oh Boy!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


We had a great trip to Disneyland. My mom and sister came with us and were a HUGE help. Disneyland with 3 small children and 3 strollers would have been tricky with just Justin and I.Here is Coleman on the Sword in the Stone. We have this exact picture of all of the boys on their first visit to Disneyland.

Grammy wanted one good picture.....this was the best we could do!

Justin and Jack on "Toy Story Mania" it was our first time on this ride and it was a blast!

We ate at a new place called "Celebration Round up" it was with Woody and the "round up gang" it was a BBQ place by the Big Thunder Mountain. We thought we would give it a try so we went and put out name in. It was a restaurant type setting so we thought we would just get seated and them so the prices and what we wanted to order. Well after they bring our drinks we asked how this worked and they told us, "well we bring out chicken, ribs, corn beans, corn bread, coleslaw and dessert.....its $30 per adult and $13 per kid..." I almost had a heart attack but by this time the boys were already enjoying the show and we were starved so we thought...Oh well, lets enjoy. And we did! Probably won't next time...unless Justin gets a raise!

They brought out these fun cupcakes in ice cream cones for dessert. The boys were excited can you tell? Right after this however there was a small earthquake. Justin and mom felt it, but I was too occupied with Coleman. So they shut down all of the rides to do inspections. It was right about the time that the fireworks were going to start so with everyone in the park off of the rides it was a MAD HOUSE!

Jack up in Tarzan's Tree house

Justin likes to spin really fast on the teacups. I HATE this ride so I was happy to stay with Coleman. Lincoln wasn't a huge fan of spinning fast so Justin had to let up every once in a while until Lincoln forgot about it...and then he would do it again.

After standing in line for the Roger Rabbit ride, they told us that Coleman had to sit on the seat, he could not be on our lap. I thought this was too cute!

Coleman loved being in his stroller just laying down and being pushed around. He was an angel the whole trip.

Here we all are (minus Justin) on the train.

Hunington Beach

We stopped by Shauna's house on our way to Disneyland to pick up my mom and decided to have a picnic at the beach. Jack LOVED it, and Lincoln was scared of the water, but loved the sand.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lincoln's Birthday Party

So I made this cool rainbow cake, Lincoln was thrilled, and Shauna decorated it.

Of course I made all of the capes and Lincoln refused to wear his.

We got his giant superman cut out, here Jack is posing with him. The dang thing is still in our house and everytime we move it it scares all of us to death....its life size.

My 3 little superheroes in their capes. I had to snap this quick, as you can see Lincoln is trying to take it off.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day Paintings

So for Mother's Day I helped Shauna do these painting's for my mom of me and my siblings when we were kids around 2-5 years old.

Here is Shauna, the 3rd

Jordan, my youngest brother

Me, my preschool picture, cool hair right? I had that bowl cut most of my growing up years.

And here is Erin my older sister.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

So far my Mother's Day has been terrific, it started off by waking up at 4am to feed Coleman :) that was fine......Then unfortunately we have 9am church so sleeping in and breakfast in bed is not a Mother's Day option, maybe next year. I should have opened my cards and gift BEFORE my make up because I was bawling like a baby.

First off I got an e-mail from my mom, thanks mom! I have the best mom EVER! Then I went downstairs and Jack gave me his present that he has been WAITING to give me, it was a hot pad that he said, "this is to use when you make cookies" with him name and hand print on it. He also gave me a card with an interview that his teacher did with him. Here it is

What is your mom's full name? Mommy Patrick
How old is your mom? 16
What is her favorite color? Red
What does mom like to wear? Flip Flops
What does your mom wear that is pretty? her pretty green dress
What is your mom's favorite TV show? she likes to watch Cars with me
What is your mom good at cooking? chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter sandwiches
What is her favorite thing to do? watch shows and kiss me
What do you like to do with your mom? snuggle and play with her
What things does your mom not like? dinosaurs
What do you do that makes your mom happy? I can make her laugh by doing funny faces
What does your mom do that you love? Kiss me!

When I told him I wasn't 16 he said, "Oh Whoops!"

I love Mother's Day too because I don't have to do anything. Justin spoils me and I seriously don't lift a finger.....LOVE IT!

I love my kids so much, Jackson is so sweet, for the most part he is ALWAYS good, he helps with the baby and ton. I love seeing all that he does in school, I love watching him play baseball. He is just growing up so stinking fast, but I am loving every second of them.

Lincoln is so darn cute I just want to squeeze him all the time. He has the cutest little voice, and says the cutest little things. As I have mention he can be a little mischievous at times, today he drew me a lovely mother's day picture on the carpet with green and red........but we love him, every bit of him! He is the best cuddler in the world and my heart just melts when he says, "Mommy will you please snuggle me?"

And Coleman, the best way to describe him is a DREAM. He is just a DREAM child. Picture the easiest little baby and that is him. He is so chubby, so Happy all of the time, he sleeps through the night and has for over a month.....DREAM come true!

I think I am one of the luckiest moms in the world. I LOVE my boys, all 4 of them! I am surrounded by handsome little men all of the time. I am thankful for a husband that works so hard to support the family and that I can stay at home. Its the best job!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brain Dump- Warning this is LONG

I have had a lot going on lately and so like my sister, I have decided to dump it all out here.

***I HATE having a rental......NEVER do it! Its been almost 4 years and 3 different tenants. One out of the 3 have been great. So here is the story....

Early last month my renters said they were moving to Alaska and April would be there last month in the house. We had some friends that were interested in the house and as I was scheduling a time with the current renters they were giving me such a hard time about letting us show the house...

Last week I called her up and scheduled a time on Friday, the 1st of May, to pick up the keys. Our new renters needed a place ASAP and so I told them the 1st would be fine, they could start moving stuff into the garage. Well a couple of days before this I get a nasty little message from my renter basically saying that meeting at 8am on the 1st is not going to happen. I called her back and informed her that it wasn't an option, the had paid for April only and so I was being generous even giving them until 8am on the 1st. She wasn't happy, but I didn't really care, just business right?

Well when I get to the house with my 2 friends, the carpet cleaner on the way, guess who is still in the house....yeah, I was not happy. So I called Justin and he came over, we decided that we would move there stuff out for them and continue on with the carpets and cleaning. They were not happy with us, but again i didn't care! The house of couse is filthy, which brings me to my next rant......

Why is it that white trash people have to have so many damn ANIMALS! Its sick really. When I went upstairs to clean up and move out their crap I went to open the master bedroom closet and out jumps a freaking CAT, scared me to death. What the hell, I never knew they had a cat, minor detail they forgot to tell us I guess. Well right then I knew we were in for it....the new renters moving their stuff in that day are allergic to CATS!!!

The house was mot clean at all, We spent 5 hours cleaning it, it looks GREAT now! My friends comes to move her stuff in , we exchange rent for the keys and everything is good. I go home and an hour later get a call, "Megan, I don't know what to do, I was in the house for not even an hour and I am broken out in HIVES!".....So to stop this story here, they decided not to take the house and now we have an empty house and no rent money$$$ LOVELY

*****Teaching piano with the boys loose in the house is not working. Yesterday during my lessons Lincoln colored all over our white carpet in the loft with a dark green marker. Also right before lessons came, I saw that the upstairs bathroom toilet was clogged with #2...Gross I know, i didn't have time to clean it so I locked the door. Well pretty sure one of my students opened it up for Jack to go pee, well Jack decided flush it and plunge it, well it all came up and soaked the bathroom floor. Also at the same time Lincoln got into my toothpaste and Justin's cologne.

*****Speaking of Lincoln, why is this child obsessed with spraying, cleaners, hairspray air freshener, this child will most likely ingest some sort of poisonous substance in the near future. It doesn't matter how high it is or where I put it away, he finds it.

**** I am doing canvas paintings for our wards "super Saturday" why do I ALWAYS give myself extra projects.... I can't say no, I think its impossible, unless I am talking to my kids of course. I wanted to give a lower price thinking I could use my 40% off Micheal's coupons, which is a good idea, but I put buying them off until this week and you can only use one coupon per visit per day, so i am running in buying canvases everyday, as well as my girlfriend and I will be doing the same for all of the paint....AHHHHH

****Lincoln's birthday is saturday and the party should be fun. Here are the invites we did

Our theme is Super Heroes, so I made capes for all of the boys with their initial.

Here is the invite, that Justin made, cool right?

We put that invitation on top of a box, put the cape in the box and delivered them.

Today I bought a life sized cardboard cut out of Superman to take the boy's pictures with, it should be fun and I will post lots of pictures.

Okay I hear spraying downstairs....Surprise, surprise.