Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer Time

I thought these pictures were cute and they Scream Summer! And yes, by the end of the day my boys are rarely still in clothes!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

So we decided to go camping this last weekend with our friends the Christensen's. We had plans for Saturday night so they were going to go up on Saturday and set things up and then we would get there late Saturday. Well just as we were leaving the house, they called and told us they were heading home and leaving the camp set up. It had been snowing on them as they were setting up and the kids were freaking out (they only live like 15 minutes from the camp site) So we decided to just go up and stay at there house that night and then we would go up Sunday morning. This is a picture of how they left camp.So we get up there early Sunday morning, there is snow everywhere and they all start setting things up.....are you kidding me, i thought for sure when we got out and felt how freezing it was and saw all of the snow we would turn around, but i guess we decided to rough it. The boys were getting wet and more cold because all they wanted to do was play in the snow. As soon as i started putting the gloves on Lincoln he started singing "Once there was a snowman" which was really cute. So after about an hour they started getting really cold and really whiny so I decided to take them into the tent for a nap. They slept for like 2 hours and by the time we got out of the tent all of the snow had melted.
The boys had so much fun just being outside and playing. The cold didn't really even seem to bother them. One of Jack's favorite things is when he and Lincoln when out with Justin on a walk and pretended to slay a giant dragon with sticks (Isn't he the best dad, and aren't boys weird?)

Here are all of the kids hanging out by the fire. We had this lovely umbrella and a huge tarp around the picnic table to block out the wind and keep in the warmth of the fire. Sunday was Jack's 4th birthday so we had a little party for him with cake and some presents, he thought it was pretty cool to have his birthday in the mountains.

Jack and Carlaya played so cute together. The whole time they were playing house, Jack was the Dad, she was the mom and the boys were their babies. Jack would say to her, "Honey I'm going to work" and then he would go grab the hammer and go off and pounding the trees. Here are some of my favorite lines that I heard as they were imagining together.

She was so cute and kept kissing him on the check, then I heard him tell her, "Umm Carlaya you can't kiss me, because I am a boy and I don't want to turn into a frog"

Another time I had them in the car warming up and watching a movie. Of course they were sitting super close to each other and she had her arm around him and was playing with his ear. Again I hear, "Ummm Carlaya you can't play with my ear, its not a toy its just an ear."

Well we had a blast even though it was a high of 45 during the day and around 35 at night!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Signs of the Times

Yes I am very upset right now! I just heard the news of the winner of American Idol and now I am stressed to the max. Barack Obama may be the next president, and David Cook wins American Idol, we might as well move to the middle east. Thank you to all you NASTY people who voted for David Cook, I hope you enjoyed his eye original! Get your food storage ready people, bad things obviously are already happening!

I Heart David A.

I am going to be so sad if this guy doesn't win tonight. Seriously, I don't know how anyone could want the NASTY David Cook to win. Like everyone I just think he is so cute, I am just grinning ear to ear everytime I watch him. So if you voted for the NASTY David Cook well then you are NASTY and I'm not really sure why we are friends.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thank You Grama and Pappa Patrick

This is what Lincoln got with his gift card. Lat year I always had them playing in tubs of water so when i saw this I knew it would be perfect. They are obsessed with it and have already been playing with it again this morning. Summer is here in Vegas!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Our little family at Disneyland
Justin and the Boys
Grammy and the boys
Monster's Inc.
Happy Birthday, Grammy and Lincoln- Mickey's House

We went to Disneyland this last weekend. It was so much fun. My mom came with us and also our good friends the Roe's went too. Jack was just tall enough to ride all of the bigger rides so that was fun. he didn't like Space Mountain or Splash Mountain, on Splash Mountain he told us the water was scary he got pretty drenched. Space Mountain he said was shaking him to much. But it was a great time. Here are some pictures.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Mothers Day Grammy and Grandma!

Well since we will be gone at Disneyland on Mothers Day, I thought I would just do this today. We practiced this during family night and of course i expected bigger things from my boys, but I know there grandma's will appreicate it. Jack is a bit of a camera hog as you can see. Happy Mothers Day, and thank you for being the best Grandma's to my boys.

You should be jealous!

So I know that most of you are already jealous of my wonderful husband. And if you aren' really should be, and here is why: Last night I was gone for about and hour and a half teaching piano lessons. Lets just say when I left, the house was in really bad shape and so were the kids, actually so was I ( i just have been having a rough couple of weeks). In that time that I was gone, Justin had done the dishes, which if you know him at all this is something he usually refuses to do. He swept and mopped the floor, picked up the whole house, cleaned our bathroom and fed the kids. I was so happy when I got home. Anyways, I know that most of you don't want to hear how great he is, and don't feel like you have to compare your husbands to him because he is just great. Debbi and Marty thanks for raising such a good boy!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thank Goodness for a new week!

You know I am at my witts end because I am letting Jack watch "Sponge Bob" the most nasty kids show EVER!!!! I am so glad that tomorrow is Sunday and a new week is here...almost! Just pray for me that it will be better than this week. Well I know it will be better because my mom is coming on Wednesday night, so I already have plans to lock my self in my room and not get out of bed all day Thursday, and then we are leaving for DISNEYLAND, which I sooooo need!